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i hate my period

ok so for like the past six months now i have been battling w/ my period. it comes way too early goes away for a week and is back for another few basically i have my period two weeks out of the month. i went off of my birth control b/c i thought it might be due to the fact that i had been on it for so didn't work....i'm still getting it way to often, and in my mind for getting it twice a month i have it way to heavy and am flowing to heavy. someone told me to take a lot of fiber pills to stop it but i don't personally like the i am thinking about going in to the doc and maybe going back on birth control....has anyone here used the depo shot as a form...if so did they bleed forever when they first went on it b/c my sister did for nine weeks, and i can't stand it for that causes me to have a lot of yeast infections...any advice or opions would be greatly appericated....thanks in advance

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