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I honestly HATE being a girl sometimes. Getting my period is a huge bitch, but I've found that waiting for it is just as bad. UGH, COME ALREADY, GOD DAMN YOU. I fucking *HATE* waiting around for it every fucking day, being paranoid that it's going to come ANY second and it just ruins every fucking day thinking about that. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? It used to come really early in the month, so I would be expecting it, and then 5 days later, I'd be free to enjoy the rest of the month. WELL WHERE ARE YOU, YOU FUCK? FUCK YOU! I hate waiting around, thinking it's going to come really fast and I'll make a nice mess and not be prepared. I hate that it'll most likely arrive when I have long ass 12 hour class days, with 3 hour classes when I really can't leave until the breaks, and I really don't want to fucking bleed all over the place. ARGH. Fucking hell.

No, I'm not PMS-ing or anything, because I really don't PMS. This just pisses me off to no end, and I've been waiting around for over a week for it, and you know, thinking about it at least a couple times every day can drive a person insane, GAAAH.

Makes me hate guys because they don't have to deal with this crap. Fuck fuck fuck.
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